About us
We are kennel registered in the Kennel Club in Poland, this is the only one Polish organization affiliated to an international organization of canine FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Our kennel name was registered 19.11.2011 at FCI number 969/11. Pedigrees issued by the Kennel Club in Poland give you the assurance that the animals used for many years to breeding were healthy, with the character and temperament appropriate for the breed. 

Our dogs regularly participate in dog shows and competitions. In addition to caring for the exterior,  we do not forget, that Labradors are hunting dogs, who love to work and stay in touch with people. We strive to provide our dogs the right amount of learning, through training and entertainment through play, tour, travel. We treat dogs as family members, they're accompany us everywhere, which are well socialized, and their nature is expressed 100% Labrador.
Black Mark FCI
Joanna i Andrzej
Cracow, Poland

+ 48 502-600-290
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